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Equipment Installation & Removals

Fernley Transport is a family-run logistics company focused on delivering and installing large computer equipment.

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Our expert logistics team safe handles all your expensive equipment.

Customer Support

We provide high-quality customer support before, during and after we deliver. 

Reliability & Punctuality

We aim to provide a punctual and reliable service for delivery and installation.

Cargo Insurance

All our vehicles are insured to protect your expensive equipment whilst in transit. 

Getting your equipment where it needs to be

High-quality equipment installation 

At Fernley Transport, we understand that your computer and photocopier equipment is paramount to you getting your work done. Many businesses require specialist business machine installations to support their daily operations.  Fernley Transport are specialists in the safe delivery and installation of large and heavy machinery. 

Our team of qualified installers are led by an experienced supervisor. Each team is fully equipped with specialist tools and all equipment needed for a safe and successful equipment installation. Whether your machine requires forklifts, skates or hydraulic scoots to help it to place, our team can handle whatever situation arises. 

Our deliveries are never just door to door. The expert delivery teams take your products to the actual point of use. Delivering in this way means that every detail must be considered, which is why our dedicated team will project manage tasks from start to finish. We make sure we have the very best handling equipment for your delivery, from stair walkers to cranes. This way, our client achieves the highest standard of delivery.

Fernley Transport Services

How can we help you?

Equipment Installation & Removals

Fernley Transport is here to support you with all your specialist business machine installations or removals. We carry out competitively priced projects across the UK.

Equipment re-sites

If you are moving premises and need a specialist logistics company to assist you with moving your expensive office equipment, Fernley Transport provides re-sites on a daily basis.

Equipment & consumables storage

Here at Fernley Transport, we have ample secure storage space available for you to store your machines and consumables.

IT Support Services

Alongside our logistics team, Fernley Transport also has an on-site team of IT specialists who are able to offer a range of IT support services.

Label Printing Services

For just a small fee per machine, we can design and print your machine labels with key information, including the asset and serial number.

Networking & firmware upgrades

Not only can Fernley Transport successfully deliver and install your equipment, but we can also ensure your machine is connected to your network and has the correct firmware upgrades it needs.

Key Features

Equipment installation and removals

Our experienced team can offer safe and effective machine installation and removal services from your current site to your new location.

Over 50 years of experience

With over 50 years of experience in the world of logistics, Fernley Transport is experienced in effective and innovative delivery and installation.

Cost-effective services

We don't believe you should blow your budget on finding a trusted logistics partner to help. That's why we also offer a cost-effective project price.

Disposing of your outdated equipment 

Equipment removal services

At Fernley Transport, we offer a complete collection service for your old machine. Whether you’re looking to store it, relocate it, exchange it, or dispose of it, one of our highly trained teams will arrive onsite to help. We’ll decommission the device and wrap it in a protective film to eliminate the chance of moisture or dust damage during collection, storage, and transportation.

Whether we are delivering and installing your new equipment or taking your old equipment away, you can expect the same high-quality service from Fernley Transport every time.

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