Providing Logistics support since 1996

Fernley Transport

Fernley Transport is a family-run logistics company focused on delivering and installing large computer equipment. 

Not your average logistics team

Fernley Transport

Not only do we offer safe and effective delivery of computer equipment and photocopiers across the UK, but we also have the knowledge to install and commission your equipment. 

Computer equipment and Photocopier installation

Fernley Transport

Based in Wakefield and London, Fernley Transport has been supporting businesses across the UK for over 25 years.

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Our expert logistics team safe handles all your expensive equipment.

Customer Support

We provide high-quality customer support before, during and after we deliver. 

Reliability & Punctuality

We aim to provide a punctual and reliable service for delivery and installation.

Cargo Insurance

All our vehicles are insured to protect your expensive equipment whilst in transit. 

We are your trusted logistics partner

Providing a safe delivery service

Fernley Transport takes full responsibility for ensuring your machinery move goes smoothly and successfully. Alongside our delivery and installation services, we also offer: 

  • Flexible scheduling to fit with your timescales
  • Comprehensive site survey prior to delivery 
  • Minimal disruption to your daily operations

To ensure your staff and equipment stay safe during the delivery of your equipment, we conduct a site survey to understand how we are going to move your equipment into your location safely and whether we will need to undertake any specialist direction to get your machine inside. During our time supporting customers, Fernley Transport has removed windows and lifted photocopiers, mapped a safe passage through buildings and up the stairs, and conducted weird and wonderful ways to get equipment to its final destination. 

Fernley Transport services

What can we offer our customers

Equipment Installation & Removals

Fernley Transport is here to support you with all your specialist business machine installations or removals. We carry out competitively priced projects across the UK. 

Equipment re-sites

If you are moving premises and need a specialist logistics company to assist you with moving your expensive office equipment, Fernley Transport provides re-sites on a daily basis. 

Equipment & consumables storage

Here at Fernley Transport, we have ample secure storage space available for you to store your machines and consumables.

IT Support Services

Alongside our logistics team, Fernley Transport also has an on-site team of IT specialists who are able to offer a range of IT support services.

Label Printing Services

For just a small fee per machine, we can design and print your machine labels with key information, including the asset and serial number.

Networking & firmware upgrades

Not only can Fernley Transport successfully deliver and install your equipment, but we can also ensure your machine is connected to your network and has the correct firmware upgrades it needs. 

Delivering your equipment safely every day 

Our reliable Fernley Transport Fleet

When you are looking for a trusted logistics partner, not only do you need to know whether they have the capabilities and manpower to deliver and install your computer and photocopier equipment, but your goods will be protected whilst they are on route. 

Here at Fernley Transport, we have a large fleet of vehicles that are fully equipped for all types of business machine removals. Our vehicles are fitted with CCTV and GPS tracking to ensure that we can help you track your delivery every step of the way!

Key Features

Equipment installation and removals

Our experienced team can offer safe and effective machine installation and removal services from your current site to your new location. 

Over 50 years of experience 

With over 50 years of experience in the world of logistics, Fernley Transport is experienced in effective and innovative delivery and installation. 

Cost-effective services

We don't believe you should blow your budget on finding a trusted logistics partner to help. That's why we also offer a cost-effective project price. 

Giving you and your team peace of mind

Fully compliant and insured services

How do you know who to trust when it comes to moving your computer and photocopier equipment? We understand that your machines may have cost you thousands of pounds, but they are priceless to your business because of the daily support they offer. You need to work with a logistics company that understands your equipment and is fully insured and compliant. 

We’re the perfect company to call when you need to move a machine or two or even an entire production line. We have the equipment, the team, and the experience to do it right. We always approach each project as a new challenge, and we have a proven track record of success – even when others have failed. Each of our projects comes with the necessary documents, including risk statements, certification, licenses, and insurance.

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Fernley Transport has over 50 years of experience in the family-run business

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From installation to re-sites, upgrades to storage, we can support you.

Health and safety are our top priority

Installing your equipment safely

Our services follow the highest health and safety measures to protect any visitors and staff who may be onsite at the time. It is no secret that the equipment you are having delivered is not light. Some of the equipment we deliver on a daily basis can be over 4 tonnes in weight. For this reason, it’s important to conduct thorough risk assessments before we attempt to install your equipment and whilst we are delivering to ensure everyone on site remains safe at all times. 

Our team are very experienced in the safe delivery and installation of your equipment. Health and safety are a top priority for Fernley Transport. Our staff receive regular training and updates to ensure they continue to complete their jobs to a high and safe standard. We are proud of the team members Fernley Transport has. 

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